Jincoin Puzzle

The Jincoin puzzle is live! It contains a prize of 20,000 JIN

Find the puzzle here: https://jin-coin.com/puzzle

Good luck!


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Jincoin Update


Hello everyone, there is an updated wallet. Please update your wallets to Jincoin version

Download Links
Windows 64bit
Windows 32bit

Second, if anyone would like to generate a custom Jincoin address use Vanitygen-plus.
Download link: Vanitygen PLUS

Lastly, Nova Exchange is back in business and Jincoin is listed.

Have a nice day Smiley

Jincoin Updates!

Hello fellow subscribers. We have some updates.

There is a new wallet! This upgrade includes features such as merged-mining, SegWit, automatic wallet backups.
Please note that the new data directory is “Jincoin” or “.jincoin”, but the wallet may automatically detect the old directory if you have used the previous version.

The two things that are most exciting are: Jincoin is launching a service for traders. The service will accept JIN as payment and the majority of each payment will go to miners, the rest goes to server expenses. Second thing is Jincoin Golang wallet. This opens the doors for Atomic-Swaps and Lighting-Network.

The website is updated along with a new roadmap.

I also have some “fun” news. A Jincoin puzzle will be up soon on jin-coin.com!