Jincoin Puzzle

The Jincoin puzzle is live! It contains a prize of 20,000 JIN Find the puzzle here: https://jin-coin.com/puzzle Good luck!  

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Jincoin Update

JINCOIN UPDATE Hello everyone, there is an updated wallet. Please update your wallets to Jincoin version Download Links Windows 64bit Windows 32bit Mac OSX Second, if anyone would like to generate a custom Jincoin address use Vanitygen-plus. Download link: Vanitygen PLUS Lastly, Nova Exchange is back in business and Jincoin is listed. Have a […]

Jincoin Updates!

Hello fellow subscribers. We have some updates. There is a new wallet! This upgrade includes features such as merged-mining, SegWit, automatic wallet backups. Please note that the new data directory is “Jincoin” or “.jincoin”, but the wallet may automatically detect the old directory if you have used the previous version. The two things that are […]